How To Find The Best Online Schools And School Districts

Thinking about moving and want to know the best school district? Taking an online class but can’t find the right one? Curious about how students are performing at your local schools? Now you can easily find out all this and a ton more. That’s because Edudemic has partnered with Find The Best to create a customized directory designed to help the Edudemic community.

We have two new mega-directories that have nearly 20,000 different entries. There’s a dedicated directory for online schools and one for school districts. Best of all, the results are all unbiased, data-driven, and easy to sort. Try it for yourself!

FYI: Each of these directories is available under the new ‘Directories’ menu item in the main menu above.

The School District Directory

If you want to learn more about a school district, just head over to the new school district directory. Once there, you can search by any zip code, filter by student-teacher ratio, type of surrounding environment, and more. It’s an insanely easy way for new parents, teachers, and anyone else to find out important details about their school districts. You might even find out something you never knew. In fact, chances are pretty good that’ll happen.

The Public School District Directory

Single listing of a school district

The Best Online Schools

We write about online schools on a daily basis and even we don’t know which ones are the best. How the heck are you supposed to figure that out? Most online school websites look similar and promise similar things. That’s where the new Online School Directory comes in. It presents more than 1,400 online schools in an easy-to-use and sortable interface. You can narrow down your search with a crazy amount of options: cost of tuition, subjects offered, program length, reputation, and even get quick contact information for every school.

Online School Directory

Single Listing of Online School