This Is Facebook’s Secret iPad App & How To Install It

TechCrunch, those clever snoopers, have unearthed an amazing find. Buried deep within Facebook’s iPhone app is…their long-awaited iPad app! Author MG Siegler gave the iPad app a test drive for quite a bit of time and highly recommends it over simply browsing on an iPad. The new app uses HTML5 as well as iOS code and allows you to do just about everything you would expect. From writing posts to uploading photos and commenting, it’s all there in a pretty elegant format.

How To Get It

If you’re the adventurous type and have an unlocked iPad, you can install the Facebook iPad app right now. A site (in greek) details exactly how to do it but, thanks to Google Translate, the instructions are now also in English! Click here to visit the site.

The Gallery

Photos from TechCrunch (Images are hi-res, may take a second to load each image. Click any image to launch full viewer.)

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