This Is Your New Facebook Timeline Layout.

Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Facebook’s f8 developer’s conference to unveil a totally new kind of profile.

Facebook Timeline

It’s no longer being called your profile. It’s now called the Timeline and it’s a richer way to view the content you post to Facebook. The feature’s tagline: “all your stories, all your apps, a new way to express who you are.”

Content is organized by year and compiled into an continuous stream. To jump to a year, just select the year you want from a list of years, which expands to display months, along the right-hand side of your Timeline.

“We’re more than what we did recently,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the keynote event. Timeline, he went on to say, helps the users show “the story of your life on a single page.”

It was then that Zuckerberg unveiled Timeline, the revamped version of the Facebook Profile. It’s a way to show off who you are, what you do and where you’ve been. It’s a complete design overhaul that makes a visual history of everything you’ve ever done, all the way to when you were born.

Your Entire Life Will Be On Facebook

Facebook automatically adds photos, status updates and life events from your Facebook history to your timeline, but you can also add photos and content from you past to fill out the “Way Back” section. In his demo, Zuckerberg showed how to add a baby picture to the beginning of your timeline.

“It’s fun and easy to fill out your timeline,” Zuckerberg said.

The new profiles also include a map feature that lets you see where you’ve been, thanks to Facebook Places. It maps out your travel. You can even mark your place of birth. But perhaps the most striking feature is the cover photo, which displays a giant image at the top of the new profile page.