Everything Facebook Has Done Wrong [Infographic]

When you’re as big as Facebook, even the smallest misstep can become a massive failure. Remember Facebook Lite? What about the privacy debacle or Facebook Gifts? Each one of these things caused global outrage and have likely slowly slipped out of our memory. Until now.

The people over at Wordstream have quite a bone to pick with Facebook. They detailed every mistake that the mega social network made during its existence in this handy infographic. I think this infographic is interesting, educational, but a bit harsh.

So take this infographic with a giant grain of salt (like, a pound or so) and take a walk through memory lane with the ‘Facebook Wall of Shame.’ Click the image to enlarge.

Do you think this infographic is too harsh? Just right? The bar seems awfully high for the social network but there is of course a lot at stake. With more than 800 million members, any privacy breach, virus, or other serious problem could spread like a viral cat video.