Report: Students On Facebook Study 10 Times Less Than Non-Users

We all know that as students progress through their school years, their homework load increases. Fifteen year olds may look longingly back to when they were ten and had a whole lot less work to do at home. According to the handy infographic below, the average 6-8 year old spends 9 hours per week studying, vs. 14 hours per week for college students. That doesn’t seem so awful, especially when you consider that the average student spends 4.39 hours per day watching television.

What’s really interesting is where Facebook comes into play. Students who are Facebook users spend 1-5 hours per week studying, and non-Facebook users spend 11-15 hours per week studying. Effectively, it would seem like students are losing 6+ hours per week of study time to Facebook! What other web based distractions do you find eat into your students’ (or your) study time?

Students & Studying by the Numbers