7 Ways To Effectively Use Twitter

I use Twitter on a daily basis. In fact, both Katie and I use it so much that we have to sometimes force ourselves to block it on our computers. Katie is writing (as I type this post out) a post on effective ways to stay focused online. Look for that post in a day or so. In the meantime, let’s talk about our addiction to Twitter. It’s a never-ending stream of information and various communication. How does one effectively use it? How do you find and effectively use Twitter to find interesting people?

Quite simply, you can use these helpful tips as a jumping off point. Is this the be-all end-all way to find people on Twitter? Of course not.

It is, however, a well thought out map for Twitter users new and not-so-new.  Here are some of the awesome ways that you can learn to become a power user. Or, at the very least, someone not afraid of Twitter.

7 Ways To Effectively Use Twitter

  • First, be the first to announce or share news. Whatever it is, be the first and you’ll start getting people’s attention. Got news about your school? How about a personal accomplishment? Announce it on Twitter and don’t be surprised when others start mentioning you and following you!
  • Don’t be self-obsessed! Promote others and they’re return the love. I did that with Edudemic and it’s gotten the account up to, like, nearly 70,000 followers as of this posting. Mention people you like to follow, use their hashtags, and be sure to just keep the love flowing.
  • Get a life! Seriously, add some life to your online profile. Make sure you have a picture of YOU on your Twitter profile to make it easier to see who is behind the account. You’d be shocked at how simple this is … and how few people actually use real pictures.
  • Don’t be shy. Ask for a retweet! If you have something awesome to say, add a “please rt!” to the end or start of the tweet. Don’t use this too often or you’re in for a lot of unfollowing.
  • Tweet again. And again. And again. You don’t need to be a one-person waterfall of tweets all the time. Just be sure to tweet regularly.
  • Connect other people to other people. Be a matchmaker! Mention a couple names in the same tweet (using the @username) and you’re good to go. Next stop, a reality TV matchmaker career!
  • Leave some space. Make sure there is room for replies and comments in your tweet. You don’t have many characters to work with so make each word count. I’d recommend not overdoing it on hashtags but instead using just one or two. That helps alleviate the potential problem of tweets that are too darn long.

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