Edudemic’s Question of the Month: September Recap

September sent teachers all across the nation back to the front of the room. That of course meant a return to Pinterest, too. To teachers Pinterest is no joke. In fact, Edudemic sees surges of traffic from Pinterest every day. Still, we had a few questions, so we asked the following question this past September:






Boy, did you guys answer!

The vast majority of you use Pinterest for idea organization, inspiration of all kinds, and lesson planning.

@KyleighCor affirms: “I use Pinterest for inspiration, reminders and extra credit!”

So, too, does @exceptional_i. “Kids and staff use Pinterest to create ideas boards with everything in one place for our #STEAM education programme.”

@KeishaMcHargue has a similar approach, using Pinterest for, “Finding new STEM and other curriculum ideas for myself and other teachers.”

@MichelleReadWPB reports:


@NSchwartzTech uses Pinterest to “pin teacher resources and ideas as a tech integration specialist. Check it out!”

@SunnyJune77 gives our question an enthusiastic, “Yes! I use it to get tips and tricks from classroom hacks to tech, plus lesson design ideas! Love!”

@juneslims reports using Pinterest to “find activities that is appropriate for the children’s level print them the use with the children.”

@MrsMace_LDSB has a very similar approach:



So does @Scottjodcs, who uses Pinterest to pin “hs art room for collecting ideas, collaborating, & lessons for students.”

@BonnieTLong particularly loves Pinterest for “Excellent classroom management ideas and posters that you can adapt for your own classroom!”

@martinkat’s teachers use Pinterest for, “lesson planning, extension ideas, images. Blocked on district devices though.” (We’re sorry to hear that, @martinkat!).

@cat_mejia says that: “Pinterest has become my top place to search for lesson ideas. There are some really creative people out there.”

@Abigail_Austin1 is an enthusiastic new user: “As a future teacher, I use Pinterest to find creative lessons and tips for teachers shared by current teachers!”

@DanielaAyalaM is just totally excited to be on the platform: “I use it! For me it’s a curator!

Pinterest isn’t just for teacher inspiration. You use it to inspire students, too.



@NVMischenko affirms: “We love using Pinterest in Home Ec! It’s a great way to practice digital literacy through finding recipes and nutrition tips.”

@castelfam7625 says that “#Larkspurms library has a Pinterest page to promote books & resources to students teachers & community:”

Parents like @OrgChaos_allibu have caught on: “Our 7yr old son loves Pinterest! I have created a board for him on my account and he uses it for school. Loves it!”

Some of you use Pinterest to build tighter ties between teachers and students, or between teachers and teachers.



Others of you get creative and use Pinterest for differentiated instruction.

@ShearonScience reports: “I use Pinterest for ideas to teach difficult concepts in kinesthetic ways! A great resource to keep visual track of activities :)”

The ever creative @nobleknits2 reports using Pinterest “for my own resources, to model curating for staff/students and to have my French students present likes/dislikes” and to get “my students (Grade 7/8) quickly get past thinking it’s their mom’s social media space. Visual learners esp like it.”

Conclusion: Educators and Students Use Pinterest A Lot

And you’re using it in incredibly creative ways. Not a surprise, of course, given the well of creativity each teacher carries. If you missed out on talking to us on Pinterest, let us know the creative ways you’re using the platform for educational purposes in the comments below or by connecting with us on Twitter!

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  1. Abby

    November 5, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Pintrest has been such a great tool to support education. I use it a lot when looking for ways to incorporate fun activities into lessons but I love the idea of using it to expand students digital literacy. Students can be asked to create a board for a class and compile information for multiple literacies but they can also use it to find evidence of classroom content. There are so many great possibilities with Pintrest in the classroom.