Edudemic’s Question of the Month: October Recap

If we know one thing about teachers, it’s this: you guys sure are a creative lot. Whether you’re outfitting your walls with colorful decorations, gamifying your classroom, directing a class movie with special effects, or differentiating your teaching approaches, teaching requires a special kind of creative spark.

We’re all about creativity here at Edudemic, and so we couldn’t resist asking this of you back in October:

Edudemic Asks October 2015



Not surprisingly, the results were pretty inspiring! Here’s a look at the many (and impressive!) creative hijinks you’ve been up to.

Many of you got creative with reading.


2. Reading and writing


@loveschool1 was also enthusiastic about reading: “Tunes on itunes COOL IN THE SCHOOL, RESPECT, READING ROCKS!

Even more of you made good use of video technology.

@EzZunic turned students into movie stars: “We’re shooting videos to help younger students in our program”

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away—or more specifically, in @MrsCox007’s classroom—students got to get creative with Star Wars:

3. Star Wars

In @miss_fania’s classroom, students “Scrapbook & mak[e] videos.”

@mrscampteaches is still working on it, but we’re sure the results will be amazing! “Mine is in progress! Ss are writing gothic short stories & turning their stories into movies using creativity & @OZOBOTs!”

Sometimes, even the most practical of concerns can become creative.

@YernarYernar999 reported ‘arranging tasks in a way that learners (esl) could practice speaking at home, while I still was able to check their work.”

And there were many more!

@skidmorelc1 had “students work together to create Memes and hashtags to explain food safety for all through social media!”

In @lindsay_midds’s classroom, “Students created infographics about peers!”

@moniber64’s students participated in “An international collaborative project about bullying between Italy and Colorado.”

@MsGrotrian reported using “VBQ! Students are assessed on the assessment they make!”

@lisamarieknoche’s students “created novel game boards”

While @1erinlopez’s “students design their own typeface.”

@PintaLeads reported a great time with “Genius Hour. The creativity was all student driven! Can it get better?”

@n_thw looked forward to getting creative with digital skills in the future: “digital citizenship and we will collaborate with school in Colorado.”

In Short

There’s no doubt about it: teachers are among the most creative professionals out there. What are your most creative teaching projects? Let us know all about them in the comments below or by contacting us on Twitter.

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  1. PJ Steele

    December 7, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    The most creative activity I have been a part of in the last little bit involved 2 classes in Utah and Kentucky…it was a comparative analysis of Lucky Charms and attempting to determine is both states were equally charmed! Such fun…some fractions (KY – 4th grade) and some ratios (Utah – 6th grade)