Edudemic’s Question of the Month: February Recap

We know that some educators out there are tech gurus, always championing the use of the latest and greatest resources. On the other hand, many teachers prefer the steadfast and dependable technology they’ve used for years. Sometimes, the use of tech in the classroom isn’t a personal choice. Some schools require certain devices, programs, and apps to be used as part of district-wide mandates. And in other schools, the electric pencil sharpener is as high tech as it gets.



We wanted to know what tools Edudemic readers really do use in the classroom. In February, we asked our loyal Twitter and Facebook followers the question, “What is your favorite piece of classroom tech?” Here’s what we found out.

What You Told Us

1. Teachers Love Google

Amy, a technology teacher from Chicago, tweeted, “Google Classroom has made going paperless easy!” Wendy, an eLearning teacher from Australia, is partial to Google’s search engine, saying “ ‘Just Google it’ is the catch cry of my prep class on a daily basis.”

2. Apple Still Dominates Edtech

Both Windy, an 8th grade teacher in Texas, and Twitter user @learning21, agree that Apple TV is pretty great. Mrs. Dorkin, from California, tweeted, “Has to be the iPad. Old favorite was my SmartBoard which is still right up there near the top of my list.”

3. Apps and Programs Are In

Erin on Facebook responded, “The app Padlet is probably one of my favorite pieces of tech. However, my true favorite is allowing students to chose; then I stand back and enjoy the ride.” Nicholas from Ohio prefers “ and Remind101.”

Karl, another Facebook user, wrote, “An unusual choice perhaps but I’ve found so, so many uses for tired old PowerPoint.” Wonder if he’d be willing to share some of his lesson plans with us?

4. Devices Make a Difference

Technology teacher, Heather, tweeted, “My MakerBot 3D printer – kids love it!” We love it, too, Heather!

Kelly from Texas Instruments wrote, “I’m a bit partial, but I honestly can’t imagine teaching w/o Nspire. It gave my Ss new ways to see & connect math.”

Julie, a teacher in Michigan, wrote, “I started teaching in the Stone Ages, so I am thrilled everyday to have a doc camera w/ projector!”

We love hearing from readers online! From Educators, to administrators, to publishers, to developers, everyone has a different take on what’s important in the edtech space. We can’t wait to hear your response to our next question of the month. And if you can’t wait that long, tweet us @edudemic, visit us on Facebook, or comment on an article that speaks to you at

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  1. Elvia Maldonado

    May 16, 2015 at 9:56 am

    I really like Google Classroom. I think it is amazing that students can go on their google drive and work on any assignment without having to worry about saving anything. I have been able to use Google Classroom for many different activities. It certainly makes collaboration easy. I have given my students a project that I share with one group leader, that group leader then shares the assignment with the rest of the people in his group and voila! They can start collaborating. They can collaborate next to each, across the room, or from home. That is what I think is so great about it. After that, all they have to do is share it with me so that I can grade it or edit it. We have done Power Points, stories, questions, even tests.