We Need YOU To Help Push Learning Innovation Forward

At Edudemic we try to think out of the box. If you do too, we need to talk.

By now, you’ve heard of our plans for supporting dialogue about learning innovation via Google+. Starting in February, Edudemic will produce interviews and panel discussions that will supplement our traditional blogging with live interaction through the Google+ Hangouts software.

Called Edudemic+, the big idea of these sessions is to support learning innovation by making substantive edu-ideas accessible to a wider range of educators through social media.

We are interested in a range of topics and guests; though we’ll talk with the superstars of education, you needn’t be a national expert to contribute to the conversation. True learning is social, and ideally turned over to the families and communities it is intended to serve. So we want to hear software developers, business leaders, social theorists, coaches, grandparents, engineers—anyone with a specific passion likely has something of value to bring to the discussion.

In fact, we want to hear as much from emerging voices as those established.  This will give our users multiple opportunities to find a voice and platform for their ideas, and through crowdsourcing simple dialogue can become mega-dialogue.

Please contact Terry Heick if you’re interested in contributing to the conversation, and helping to continue to move education out of the box.

FYI: All videos will be availabe on the Edudemic+ page once we go live in February. They’ll also be featured in posts on a regular basis.