Edudemic’s Question of the Month: July Recap

If you couldn’t tell, we’re on a teacherpreneur kick here at Edudemic – and given the response to our article on the subject, it seems like you might be too! As such, we decided to turn the reins over to you in our July Question of the Month to see what pieces of ed tech you would create if you only had a chance.

Edudemic Asked:

Edudemic Asks

What You Said

Your responses fell into a number of categories. You said you wanted:

1. Seamless Integration and Tracking Solutions

It feels like new, powerful ed tech solutions are created everyday. That’s a good thing, except for the fact that managing zillions of apps is overwhelming and time consuming. It can also make data tracking and oversight next to impossible, and it certainly means essential data points are slipping through the cracks.

@EddTEacher tweeted a desire for, “something that seamlessly makes everything else work together!”

@drwpedwards was looking for, “Something to monitor student devices, live.

@AmyRoediger expressed a need for, “an #edtech app/webtool that will create groups using a variety of parameters, including who has worked with whom.”

@WehrdScience would like someone to “Create Ss #edtech social-media app they love to check in & use, but really it shows missing/upcoming assignments & current scores!”

And @MrJanicas just wants something to help with “Classroom management.”

Seamless integration, device monitoring, and fun shenanigans to lure students into giving better data points. We love it!

2. Tools That Promote Interactivity

Whether it’s teachers interacting more fluidly with students across their devices or students supporting other students, there is a clear desire for better ways to support, nurture, and grow interactivity in classrooms – especially as more devices are added.

@shayne_mr would like “a communal online area in which classes can easily connect to one another. #edchat or aug. reality creator that’s easy to use” and further suggested creating “a video board that can always present student work created on computer. Poster board type of idea but with moving objects.”

@jomatthews63 wants help “Providing opportunities for meaningful interactive STREAM activity and experiences for ALL students and teachers!!!”

3. Homework Motivation & Grading Tools. Please, Somebody Help With Grading

No explanation needed here because, seriously, the only thing worse than grading is having to have the Big Talk about why we all need to do our homework again.

@dhasty01 asked for “An app that adds points to a prize for #HW completion & comprehension.”

@mamawolfeto2 sent out the call for “help grading essays!”

@NadiaM16518096 requested “A program that would transcribe all my verbal report card comments onto the report card!”

We feel you! Can a teacher get some red pen helpers and some speech-to-grades translation software over here?

4. Help for Specific Subjects & Learning Styles

@jomatthews63 is all about “Mathematics software that makes it EASY to understand concepts. Reinforcing skills for students who struggle. Translating 4 ESOL.”

@teach361 would like a “Device to bring words from the minds of Ss who are non-verbal. Their brilliance is often locked away when they can’t express!”

@BBQDApps “apps that allows the child freedom to explore than a “do this” or “press here.”

Apps to help make sense of math, empower students with nonverbal learning disabilities communicate, and encourage creativity? Yes please!

5. Solutions Based on Sci Fi

You’d be hard pressed to find a piece of digital technology that was not in some way inspired by science fiction. Why shouldn’t educational technology have the same roots? Dream big, people!

@jocelynmanders is “thinking something like the “computer” on Star Trek. Tell it what I want and it shows me options to get it done!”

And @halfmarathonmel simply wants a “holodeck. I desperately need a holodeck.”

We’ll get right on that!

It Just So Happens…

When we put out this call, we were contacted by a few different ed tech firms and teacherpreneurs offering up solutions to the very problems listed above, as well as solutions they created to solve issues they encountered on their own in the classroom.

Teacher @KarinHogen said, “I created one actually! @DocentEDU to solve lesson creation problems!”

While @joytunescom got all rhythmic on us: “I’d create an app that teaches piano that needed no cables! Wait! We did that! @joytunescom #pianomaestro.”

Which Makes Us Wonder…

What other solutions have been created to fix any of the problems our teachers above are looking to resolve? Let us know in the blog comments or on Twitter, and we’ll share away!