Edudemic+: Adnan Mahumd “Climbing The ladder That Matters”

Education is about personal empowerment–and guided personal change. After an epiphany while working at Microsoft, Adnan Mahmud stepped away from the rat race, and began a personal journey that would change his life. One of the wonders of the internet is its incredible potential to connect people, and enable the realization of dreams. As much as any other theme, the internet is about individual fulfillment through potent interdependence, and Adnan is proof of that.

Adnan will be speaking with us via Edudemic+ on February 2 at 9 a.m. Pacific/noon Eastern about his venture, Jolkona. We’ll also discuss education, technology, and how the two can be used to improve the world on a sustainable level.

We’ll post a live link the morning of the session so that you can watch or join in the discussion.

“Jolkona Foundation makes it easy for you to give directly to low-cost, high-impact philanthropic opportunities around the world. We work with carefully chosen partner organizations to create affordable donation options with a measurable impact, from planting trees in Honduras to providing food and housing for an HIV-positive child in Cambodia. 100% of your donation goes to the project you’ve chosen.

We hope that our approach to philanthropy – facilitating small donations with a big impact and a personal connection – will help usher in a new era of giving, where donors feel more inspired to give, charitable organizations are able to efficiently connect to a broader donor base, and those in need of help benefit from a larger donor pool. We also believe that the youth of today can play a critical role in changing the face of philanthropy into a more accountable and inclusive vision. By harnessing the power of technology to connect with global causes, we hope to empower young people with the knowledge that you don’t have to wait to be a philanthropist. We can all make a difference today.” More information can be found at Jolkona’s website.