EducatorU Begins Offering Online PD Via Google+

google+ hangouts teachersThis summer the EducatorU team will be providing various online PD sessions via Google+ Hangouts. These opportunities will be posted as an event on our Google+ page and archived for follow up via our YouTube account. We will post a form on this site to crowdsource future PD sessions so that we can provide the best content to deliver to our audience.

Initially, we will provide foundational technology applications that work across hardware platforms such as the iPad, Google Chromebook, and PC and Mac operating systems. We cover…

  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • GMail
  • iPad Overview
  • Blogger and WordPress

While these are broad topics, we will start with basic overviews and segue into more advanced features and topics as we progress through these virtual sessions. Session outlines and difficulty levels will be posted within each event on our Google+ Page

If you would like to suggest a topic, please post it below. We will follow up in a few days with information and dates on our first round of sessions.

EducatorU provides districts, schools, and individuals with the support needed to plan for and implement technology. Our team can help review infrastructure needs, assist with the planning of projects, and help with the deployment of devices and applications.

The EducatorU team also leads professional development sessions and courses for teachers, administrators, and IT professionals. Our events include everything from major conferences to device or application specific learning opportunities. Additionally, our team is directly connected to the classroom and the server room so our clients can rest assured that they are getting an authentic learning experience.

EducatorU can help with every step in 1:1 educational technology planning and deployment. We offer on-site and remote professional development and training. We are also helping new teachers and administrators prepare for 1:1 learning environments through mentoring and preparation programs.

Follow us on Twitter for updates about events and activities and stay tuned to our site and our hashtag for updates, events and resources #eduipad