Fabulous Education Technology Blogs Worth Following

There are a gazillion different edtech sites out there. From sites that collect edtech news (like Education Dive – check em out!) to individual teachers’ personal blogs, to sites that focus on discussing pedagogy and how to ‘fix’ education, there are a lot of different places to go to get your information. And if you’re anything like us, sometimes the vastness of the interwebs can get to you. Just the mere act of sorting through the array of resources is time consuming, never mind reading through and learning about what is of interest to you.

Luckily, EdTech Magazine has published a list of the 50 Must-Read EdTech blogs of 2013. While this list came out in June, we thought it would be useful to re-post about it since we’re smack in the middle of the fall semester, when many teachers find themselves needing resources and ideas, but the hustle and bustle of the school year makes time a precious resource.

50 must read edtech blogs

The list was compiled by using reader-nominated resources, and are a mix of teachers, administrators, tech vendors, and everyone in between. Click on the banner above to see the full list, including a link to each site and a brief description of each. (And thanks for including Edudemic, BTW – we are honored!)

Below is a list of just the top 10 (or so) edtech blogs, check out all of them on the edtechmagazine website! Had to include us at the bottom, sorry – we’re just excited!

Purely Paperless

We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, and Montana elementary school teacher Kate Peila is a paperless girl. Her blog, Purely Paperless, gathers tech tools and tips that any teacher can use to be more productive.


The Daring Librarian

Who says librarians can’t have fun? Gwyneth Jones is a middle school teacher and librarian who describes herself as the “Lady Gaga of EdTech” on Twitter. Jones’ blog, which she decorates with cartoon versions of herself, is a delight both for the eyes and for the mind.


Saving Socrates

As a reformed “chalk and talk” teacher, Jenni Levy enjoys reinventing educators’ approaches to classroom instruction. Her list of insights runs the gamut from teleconferencing for language acquisition to using LinkedIn in the classroom.



EdReach strives to be a beacon of light in these changing times and “provides a platform for passionate, outspoken innovators.”


The Aside Blog

Run by two teachers from Roslyn, N.Y., this blog tackles technology integration in the classroom in depth. Sample posts include advice on creating school-friendly student avatars and visual note-taking for elementary school students.


Maui Librarian 2 in Olinda

Although teacher and librarian Linda Lindsay is surrounded by natural beauty in Maui, she spends plenty of time in front of a book or a computer. One really nice Hawaiian touch: All of her posts are signed with a smiley that has a flower in its hair (◕‿◕✿ ).

Ed Tech Roundup

Think you may have missed some important news in educational technology? Biology and technology teacher Michael Karlin has you covered. His blog curates the latest and greatest in ed-tech.

Reading By Example

Matt Renwick, an elementary school principal in Wisconsin, is a passionate voice for innovation and leadership in education, particularly in the area of digital literacy. He’s also an EdTech: Focus on K–12 contributor.

LearnDash’s Learning & Collaboration Blog

The way we learn is rapidly evolving from the lecture model of old, and Justin Ferriman’s WordPress-based LMS spotlights the new ways teachers and students can collaborate.


One of the major content hubs for educators, Edudemic is an essential resource for tips, tactics and lesson plans that embrace technology and innovation in the classroom.