A Look At Primary STEM Education In The Muslim World

So much of the focus on STEM education these days is on how the US is lagging behind many other countries in the quality of their STEM test results and how many fewer graduates there are in STEM disciplines. As someone who regularly combs through education news, I rarely see STEM news coming from places like the Middle East and Africa , so I was pretty interested when I saw the handy infographic below. It takes a look at Primary STEM education in the Muslim world, showcasing test scores of many countries that are not oft-mentioned and compares them with some of the  global averages. Do you know which countries in the Muslim world score the highest in Math? Science? Keep reading to learn more!

Primary STEM Education in the Muslim World

  • The average PISA score in reading globally is 500
  • In the Muslim world, Turkey scores the highest with 464, followed by the UAE (431), Malaysia (414), Jordan (405), and Tunisia (404).
  • Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan all scored below the 400 mark
  • The global average PISA score in Science is 48.
  • The highest Science score is 66 – attained by Singapore
  • In the Muslim world, Kazakhstan scored 48, Turkey 43, Iran 42, Morocco 21, and Yemen 17
  • The global average PISA Math score is 50
  • The highest Math score is 74 – attained by both Singapore and Korea
  • In the Muslim world, Kazakhstan scored the highest with 52, followed by Turkey (45), and Azerbaijan (44)
  • Bahrain, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia all scored between 23-37
  • Yemen was the lowest, scoring between 13-22
  • Uzbekistan has the highest % of GDP expenditure dedicated to education in the Muslim world – 7.4%


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