6 Education Conferences To Check Out This Year

education conferencesWith the New Year comes an entirely new season of education conferences. Educators have a lot to look forward to in 2013. The variety of conferences scheduled to take place across the US and Canada offer so much for educators around the world to learn from.

The unbelievable growth in technology and changes that integration has brought about in education is the prime topic at conferences these days. In particular, finding and fostering new ideas for the multitude of classrooms now using iOS has never been better and this year’s regional events and larger national conferences offer an incredible opportunity for everyone to learn how to make the most of these recent technological innovations.

Take advantage of the opportunity to travel and learn. Spreading our wings and meeting new people in the connected age means that we’ll be able to stay connected and become life-long learners together.

EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA 2013

With the mantra Leading Change in Changing Times the ETT 2013 leads the way in iPad professional development. With two full days of keynotes, concurrent sessions and informal learning events, all topics relevant to iOS integration are to be comprehensively covered. Classroom Integration, Leadership and the Technical aspects of iOS deployment and management are slated for discussion. Joining leaders in education, researchers, tech directors and principals the ETT 2013 provides an unparalleled opportunity to discover the best and most efficient ways to transform classrooms through successful integration of iPads.

Conference Dates: April 10-12
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Registration Cost: $262 Pre-Conference Workshop, $425 Two-Day conference

*EdTechTeacher advertises with Edudemic.

Florida Educational Technology Conference:

FETC is the meeting place where leaders in education and tech interact and exchange ideas on best practices for teaching with technology. It is the ideal venue for teachers and admin seeking ideas on integrating technology into the classroom. From iPads to Cloud Computing and Effective Leadership Strategies, these workshops benefit faculty, administrators and IT staff.

Conference Dates: January 28-31
Location: Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
Registration Cost: $175 for single day access; $265 for the full conference

Texas Computer Education Association Conference:

It’s often said “Don’t mess with Texas!” TCEA’s annual conference is the quintessential event for educators looking for useful ideas and contacts in their quest to learn more about technological integration. With more than 900 booths and over 9,000 expected attendees, this year’s conference will give educators an ideal opportunity to create valuable networks. The five-day convention allows campus and district level educators an unsurpassed networking and learning experience.

Conference Dates: February 4-8
Location: Austin, TX
Registration Cost: Please see venue website

International Society for Technology in Education:

The ISTE annual conference is touted as the world’s premier technological event. This year, ISTE invites teachers, administrators, librarians, curriculum specialists, and corporate representatives to learn, collaborate and connect. With close to 18,000 expected education professionals and corporate representatives, the ISTE is the event for any educator who is interested in discovering ed tech solutions and expanding their personal learning network.

Conference Dates: June 23-26
Location: San Antonio, TX
Registration Cost: Please see venue website

National School Boards Association:

The NSBA’s 73rd conference gives board members, superintendents and other educators around the US the opportunity to discuss ideas that benefit our collective student bodies in over 200 informative sessions. The 2013 conference presents school districts across the country with innovative ideas that can modernize data systems, promote student success, and provide sound opportunities to save costs at all levels in districts.

Conference Dates: April 13-15
Location: San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California
Registration Cost: Various packages available so see the venue website

ASCD 2013:

With over 8,000 expected attendees, state and district level superintendents, principals and teachers are given a unique chance to meet some of the most influential names in education. The ASCD addresses the concerns of education leaders and pioneers by bringing together respected names in educational publishing, research, and technology. This year hosts 500 sessions and 40 concurrent presentations as well as showcases influential presenters Maya Angelou and Sandra Day O’Connor.

Conference Dates: March 16-18
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Registration Cost: From January 17th $425 (nonmember) $359 (member)

About the author:

Dave Wingler is an educator and iOS application developer who is enthusiastic about ICT integration in schools around the world. With his partnership with INKids they have created the award winning Futaba Classroom Games app and showcased their products at the TCEA 2012 in Texas.


  1. Bob Johnson

    January 20, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    You should read the FTC guidelines about disclosures and then disclose that EdTechTeacher advertises on your site when you list them as the first conference people should attend. It’s the ethical and legal thing to do. Here are the guidelines in case you need to brush up.


    or you can watch the FTC videos about it


    • Jeff Dunn

      January 20, 2013 at 6:58 pm

      Done. We do our best to make that clear. Sorry if there was any confusion!

  2. Hala

    January 21, 2013 at 4:53 am

    You forgot WroldCALL 2013 in Glasgow

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  4. ATAdvocate1

    January 25, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Thanks for posting…can anyone provide best edu gaming conferences and edu publishers conferences?

  5. Sean Connors

    January 26, 2013 at 4:05 am

    Aloha Dave! Not sure if you’re familiar with the annual “Building Learning Communities” Conference held in Boston each July. I’ve been twice and have been deeply effected in very positive ways both times. They have some amazing key note speakers and presenters throughout. While there are a few vendors, the real focus on building communities and advancing the pedagogy used in schools. If your’e looking for a conference that will lead to a professional paradigm shift… this is the one! The conference is hosted by the November Learning and can be found at http://novemberlearning.com/blc/.