7 New(ish) EdTech Startups Worth Watching

LearnLaunchX is an accelerator program for educational based startups. That means they provide edtech startups with some seed funding, mentors in the field, connections with peers in other startups, and guidance on the product development, marketing, and other business aspects. Basically, they’re an education specific version of a surf instructor who helps you catch your first wave pushing the board into the wave at just the right time.

LearnLaunchX recently announced the latest round of startups that have been selected to participate in the program. There are so many different edtech startups out there that it is difficult to keep track of them all, but if they’ve been selected by a group like the folks at LearnLaunchX, they’re definitely worth a look!

So we’ll get right to the point: here are seven new startups that you should keep your eye on! Check out their products – you might just find something perfect for your classroom!

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7 New EdTech Startups To Watch

  1. Book & Table is an educational marketplace for people to create, discover, and purchase personalized courses
  2. Campuscene is a college search platform that serves both applicants and admissions offices
  3. CueThink has created a game called Quantum, which is designed to be a game-based peer-to-peer learning platform for math problem solving
  4. Hstry is a digital learning tool for constructing interactive historical timelines for the digital classroom
  5. QuadWrangle is a software platform for more personal and valuable alumni engagement
  6. Skaffl is a mobile-first teaching and learning platform
  7. UConnect is a campus recruiting platform that seeks to change the way colleges and universities provide career services to their students