How To Decide Which EdTech Resource Is Right For You

I’ve spent many years analyzing, understanding, and deploying education technology. As Edudemic grows up into a more professional site (slowly but surely), I’ve noticed that I get pitched a lot of products in hopes that I write a review / share it with you. Terry, Edudemic’s editor, and I routinely go through pitches and submissions to see if they have some worth.

We’ve been using a rubric that I thought teachers around the world might benefit from. Basically, here’s the workflow we use:

1) Someone trying to sell / announce an education technology product contacts us.

2) We do some brief research on the product and try it ourselves (if possible)

3) We run it through our ‘review rubric’ to see if it should be added as a product we recommend on Edudemic.

Simple as that! But there’s that critical ‘review rubric’ that I thought you might be interested in. I turned it into a fun design using in hopes that you can print it out, share, and enjoy!

Click here to download the PDF version of our rubric!

Edudemic’s Review Rubric


  1. AcademicMerit

    May 1, 2012 at 10:16 am

    This is a terrific rubric. With your permission, we’d love to use it when we have conversations with educators about the work we do at AcademicMerit.
    Give our Director of School Relations a shout and she’ll set you up with a demo. We welcome an evaluation.

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