How Education Technology Provides Value to College Students

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It’s no secret that a college education is critical to success in today’s competitive career landscape, but with the cost of higher education continuing to soar despite the current economic climate, students everywhere have started to make more calculated decisions as they plan their college experience.  Value has become a key factor in those decisions, and according to CourseSmart®, education technology is essential for providing this value to today’s college students.

Given the cost of higher education, many students are starting to financially plan for college at an earlier age.  A CourseSmart-commissioned research study that released initial findings just this week, reveals that 13 percent of current high school students shared that they began looking into financing their college education in junior high, with 6 percent of college students having done the same – a telling statistic on just how heavily financial stressors weigh on today’s students.

What’s important to remember is that financial planning for college includes more than just covering tuition. There are many additional expenses that need to be accounted for such as textbooks and course materials, and this is where an investment in technology can potentially pay for itself.

By owning a laptop, tablet or smartphone device, students can maximize their budget throughout the duration of their college experience.

On that note, the study found device usage among today’s college students to be very high, with the majority (52 percent) already using an Android™-based smartphone or iPhone® device. 

These devices can provide added value to the college learning experience when used as study tools, and CourseSmart offers free downloadable applications for Android-OS and iOS devices.

The free device apps coupled with CourseSmart’s potential savings of up to 60 percent over the traditional cost of new print textbooks further reinforces that education technology tools provide value over time to students, ultimately allowing for more financial flexibility and less stress.

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