The Must-Have EdTech Buying Guide For Schools

When it comes to buying classroom technology, the person choosing the price range and type of technology varies from scenario to scenario. Sometimes teachers have no say in what will be implemented in their classroom, other times teachers don’t get any technology unless they pick it out and implement it themselves.

Other times still, teachers will deal with all types of technology in a BYOD scenario. So while the handy infographic below might not apply to everyone, it addresses some edtech buying tips for anyone who finds themselves in the position to be selecting and buying edtech for their classroom.

So whether the decision is all up to you, or you’re just trying to give your best 2 cents to the person who is doing the decision making, it can give you some good insight into your options.

EdTech Buying Guide and Questions to Ask

  • Simple can be very effective – you don’t need the most expensive or newest technology to enhance your teaching
  • Can you justify the purchase to the school community?
  • Does the technology have a clear impact on teaching and learning?
  • Will the technology enhance teaching and learning?
  • Are teaching and learning the main foci for your purchase?
  • Will students be at the center of this tech or will it be a passive tool?
  • 39% of teachers rely on fundraising by a school/parent council as the financial means to purchase technology
  • Plan technology around the pedagogy, not the reverse
  • 75% of teachers say they’d like more access to technology in their classrooms
  • Consider staff PD needs in your technology choices
  • Will you be able to sustain your purchase over time?
  • 77% of teachers agree that student engagement is increased with technology
  • Will your staff be empowered to use these tools?
  • Will the technology lead to more staff collaboration?
  • How difficult will it be to integrate the technology?
  • Does your school have the infrastructure and tech support capacity to manage the new technology?
  • Do you have a plan to manage your technology?




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  1. Ilan Samson

    April 28, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    I assume that the above list was constructed for a purpose: Do you know of a technology that fits the list better than the QAMA calculator? (