Dropbox Links Upgraded: The 2 Biggest Changes

I’m a big fan of Dropbox. Despite some of the bad press about its security, it’s one of the more reliable cloud storage services around. I use it to connect all my computers and share files with a myriad of people. From my family to coworkers to Twitter friends, it’s simple to use.

But Dropbox just made it even enticing to give their service a try.

dropbox upgrades

Dropbox Links

They’ve upgraded their ‘Dropbox Links’ functionality so it’s easier to use and provides a more robust user experience. You can now share links with non-Dropbox users and they can view your shared files without even logging in. Brilliant. That’s by far one of the more exciting updates that you should know about. Until now, Dropbox has certainly already had link-sharing abilities but the new model is vastly improved.

You can use Dropbox Links to share files with parents and students without having to worry if they’re tech-savvy enough to use Dropbox. You can now just share a URL and know that they’ll be able to access the info as long as they can click a link. Great for educators, administrators, students, and parents.

A Better UI

The second upgrade is really part of the Dropbox Links upgrade. There’s now a more immersive photo gallery (view this link to see what I mean) as well as a streamlined media experience. By that I mean that you can watch videos, browse photos, and generally interact with media as you would’ve hoped. It’s honestly surprising that you couldn’t do this before but hey, progress for a (mostly) free product like this is a good thing.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the photo browsing is quite simple and easy to use. I appreciate that it’s not loaded with bells and whistles. After all, the new multimedia capabilities are designed to help out people who may not be as tech-savvy as others.

dropbox lightbox

Dropbox Links