Suck At Drawing? This App Turns Your Art Into A Social Game

I’m a downright horrible artist. I admit it. In fact, I specialize in drawing stick figures and balloons. That’s because I was shown how to draw ‘shine’ on a balloon during elementary school. That was the only piece of artistic advice that stuck. If you’re anything like me, the idea of downloading a game that makes you draw is not too appealing.

But what if that game embraces your suckiness as an artist and actually makes it fun to, well, suck at drawing? That’s where the Draw Something app comes in. (iTunes Link and Android Link) It’s a social drawing app that lets you pick something to draw so your friends can guess what it is. It’s basically Pictionary for the iPhone and Android. But the obvious difference with Draw Something is that it can be played with friends who are anywhere in the world. It’s a real-time game so you’ll need a reliable Internet connection. You also may want to invest in a Facebook account as it harnesses the power of your social network to find / organize your friends. It’s pretty straightforward and so are the ways it can be used in the classroom.

I was drawn to Draw Something (pun intended) because it would be a great way for art students to collaborate and work together to hone their artistic skills. Imagine a homework assignment to be to simply draw 20 different things on Draw Something and then bring in your screenshots to show off what you drew. Bonus points for how fast other users could guess what you were drawing. Seems pretty fun to me!