Does Facebook Make You Happy Or Sad?

facebook makes you sadWe’re pretty much all on Facebook. I try not to overuse and neither does Katie. But we’re both on it and enjoy connecting with friends from around the globe. Sometimes, though, it makes me feel a bit sad when I see friends doing things much cooler than I do. So while I’m happy for them, I’m sad about my own lack of interesting things to post. Surely I’m not alone here.

That’s the word from a Stanford University study, at least. Facebook users tend to overestimate other people’s happiness and, in turn, are a bit sad. Does that mean everyone on Facebook is sad? Not really. It just means that many of us constantly compare ourselves to others while on the site. Since most people only post positive and interesting things on Facebook, you can infer that their lives are vastly more exciting than they probably are. Therefore, you feel like your life is not as exciting. Thus, a little sadness.

The video above by Insurance Quotes dives into the study from Stanford a bit more and has a visual representation about what you should know about using Facebook. It’s a fascinating look (and quick! just over a minute to watch) at how Facebook makes you feel. Did you know that allowing people to use Facebook at work actually makes people happier? I find that part quite interesting.


  1. Sandra Thompson

    March 16, 2013 at 12:14 am

    I’m so pleased that you posted this article as it vindicates my position against the use of Facebook in the classroom. If Facebook can make young adults feel inadequate and frustrated that their lives don’t somehow ‘measure up’, should Facebook be sanctioned by teachers who educate very young children. Anorexia is a modern disease driven by the dictates of popular media. Are school teachers breeding a generation of neurotic individuals incapable of an original thought unless it is ‘friended’. Facebook forces mediocrity and validation of the individual on collective approval. Are we witnessing the end of original thought. History is littered with mavericks who thought differently to the ‘norm’. Facebook will never produce thinkers like Galileo or Charles Darwin.

  2. Jayme

    March 16, 2013 at 11:26 pm

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