Which Of These Digital Distractions Affect You?

Having so many great web-based tools at the tips of our fingers makes learning, researching, and discovering new information wonderfully easy. However, all of this comes with one caveat: there are an equal number (if not more) of distractions available just as easily. The internet, for many, can be a huge black hole of procrastination

The handy infographic below takes a look at the hierarchy of digital distractions. What types of distractions are the worst (meaning, making you the least productive) and which are less offensive? I have to say that I never really thought about some distractions being worse than others, but now that I’ve given it some thought, I have to agree. As of this writing, I think that my iPhone is my worst offender – I’ll get more done with less distraction on my laptop than I will on a mobile device. Does the same ring true for you? Are the ‘worst’ digital distractions on the infographic the worst for you, or do you fall victim to the ones at the bottom of the list?

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

  • (Ranking from less distracting to more distracting)
  • Facebook invites
  • New friends on Facebook
  • Anything on MySpace
  • Bid notifications from ebay (far from deadline)
  • Email, work or general
  • Google analytics summary
  • Flickr comment
  • Linkedin update
  • New contact on Flickr
  • Favourite or wink on your online dating profile
  • Google adsense summary
  • Skype message
  • Email newsletter or bot message
  • Twitter direct mail or @ message
  • Facebook message
  • eBay bid notification (near deadline)
  • New message on online dating profile
  • Skype call
  • Email (with kittens frolicking, interpersonal, or friendship group)
  • New voicemail
  • New follower on Twitter
  • Email announcing mass redundancies
  • Email from romantic partner
  • Text message
  • Vibrating phone call
  • Tweet RT notification
  • Anything on iPhone
  • Mobile phone call
  • Total device failure