The 60-Second Guide To Digital Classrooms

Got a minute? Literally just one minute? Take a close look at this new infographic from our partners over at Online Universities. It’s a great way to quickly look at the tools affecting major change in classrooms around the world.

While this infographic focuses a bit more than I’d like on Apple’s role, it has some great nuggets that are worth knowing (and great cocktail party tidbits!).

Click the image to enlarge. Click here to download it as a PDF to print and share!


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  3. morellok

    February 15, 2012 at 9:30 am

    A convertible laptop/tablet (Fujitsu Lifebook for example) with dual touch and the INCLUDED pen make for a MUCH better device for schools. With those types of devices you can have the power of a PC with its built in physical keyboard as well as a full featured tablet. Many free or open source tools for making your classroom paperless are already available. Everything done with the trendy new tablets can be done and much more. Advertising by Apple is clouding (no pun intended) the discussion. Big announcement about iBooks just adds more expense to the current adopters choosing iPads as well as all the not for free apps. Open sourse Moodle has had the ability for teachers to custom design their own textbook to fit their course and it can be edited each year or as you go. Durability is another consideration in the favor of convertible laptop/tablets.

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