How To Take The Digital Citizens Pledge

Yesterday, we shared a graphic on digital citizenship from Common Sense Media that displayed the hallmarks of good digital citizens. Today, we’re sharing another one of their great graphics that you can print out and use in your classroom. Staying with the trend of digital citizenship, they’ve teamed up with Edmodo to create a pledge poster on digital citizenship.

The poster outlines the different items that your students will agree to, and even leaves some space to write in additional items that you and your class can create and agree to together. It is designed to be signed by your students and kept in the classroom as a reminder.

The Digital Citizen Pledge

Digital citizens pledge to…

  • Communicate responsibly and kindly with one another
  • Protect our own and others’ private information online
  • Stand up to cyberbullying
  • Respect each other’s ideas and opinions
  • Give proper credit when we use others’ work.
  • Fill in your own!