8 Printable Classroom Posters For Device Best Practices

When you bring devices of any kind into your classroom, there need to be some rules to go along with them. Establishing guidelines for your students when they’re using technology is best done early on and reinforced often – with students of all ages! This doesn’t mean just setting out rules about not eating and drinking around the devices – it includes all types of guidelines including what is and is not appropriate to use the device for.

The eight graphics below are all printable posters on device best practices from WeAreTeachers, designed to hang in your classroom so that students have a constant reminder of what is and isn’t ok to do when they’re using devices. Some of the guidelines seem pretty basic, but they might not be obvious (or easily remember-able) to your students. Make sure to go over these guidelines with your students, and consider also having them sign an acceptable use policy at the beginning of the year, so that you’re sure that the guidelines are understood by everyone involved.