4 Ways Online Learning Makes A Difference

learn buttonThe Internet has made many things possible that would have been difficult to imagine just a few decades ago. People are able to find information on almost any subject in a few seconds, and more people are able to educate themselves as a result.

Many people have also found more opportunities for education through developments in online education. Accredited universities are offering a wide-range of courses for undergraduates and graduate students, and studying through the channels of the Internet has made higher education much more flexible.

Although there were many educators and institutions that were skeptical in how effective online education could be, there have since been many success stories and statistics that have shown how beneficial it can be to learn through online classrooms.

Better Overall Performance

As you might imagine, The Department of Education has taken a special interest in online learning. Many high school students have started taking high school and college courses online, and the results have been very positive. A meta study done by The Department of Education in 2009 concluded that students taking online courses performed at higher levels than those getting a traditional education. This and many other studies has been a strong indicator of the need for more flexible options for students when it comes to their education. Almost all major colleges and universities now offer some sort of online education for their students, including several programs for high school students.

More Availability  

Due to new data showing positive results with online education, and due to the demand for more online education, educational institutions have done more to improve online programs. A big difference between what you will get now in an online class and what you would have had several years ago is accessibility. Most online classes several years ago would still require students to go to the physical location of the institution to take tests and quizzes. This is rarely the case in the present online educational environment. Now you can take a class from anywhere in the world, and, although some testing must be monitored through a designated testing center, most institutions have locations to do that in a variety of states and countries.

The Trend Towards More Online Education

With online courses being just as effective, if not more effective, than traditional means of education, more people are projected to take classes online in the future. According to research done by Ambient Insight, most people attending college in 2014 will be doing so through an online program. Ten years ago, there were few professors who thought online education would be more appealing than education in the classroom, but streaming video and audio and other technology have made it equally as engaging. When you combine the advancement in technology with the cost and convenience of online education, it is little wonder why more people are enrolling for classes online. Not only that, but most student are able to complete online courses at their own speed, which is one of the most appealing elements of this educational trend.

In the End

Even though there is an obvious turn towards online eduction, it will still take some time before all in-person learning is done. Many students still prefer the learning atmosphere of the classroom. As long as there are millions of people who still want to attend a school there will be institutions with traditional learning atmospheres, but most experts believe that new generations will prefer learning at their own convenience and on their own timetable.

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  1. JM @ ClassLink

    December 18, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Great points to highlight, Magnus. It’s even more exciting to see what our thought leaders can come up with in 2013 to boost the advantage of online education. As for our educators, it’s important to not forget the roles we play as guide for our students especially when it comes to shiny new gadgets / toys even if it’s for educational purposes.

  2. Magnus Keith

    December 19, 2012 at 2:24 am

    Thanks JM!

    Indeed, I’m quite excited to see that as well! Online education has been very beneficial to a lot of people and I hope that continues to be the case as it continues to grow.