Delicious Is Being Shut Down. Here’s 5 Similar Services

Yahoo has just announced that Delicious, among a few other somewhat popular services, are being shut down.

It’s apparently part of a reorganization of the company as it tries to figure out how to compete with Google, Apple, and really anyone.

While I think Delicious was actually a pretty useful alternative to places like Digg, it had it’s problems. Regardless, it’s going the way of the Dodo.

Fear not! There are other social bookmarking services just aching to have you become their newest user. My favorite is Diigo but here are a few others you may not know about (yet). Look for these services to try very hard to fill the vacuum left by the departure of Delicious.

  • Diigo is better known as “social bookmarking 2.0″ because it’s both a collaborative research tool and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site.
  • Google Bookmarks is one of the most popular bookmarking tools that is incredibly easy to use. It lets you sort by date and title and organize your bookmarks into lists.
  •, while not free like the others ($6.98) is one of the most popular bookmarking sites out there, in which users are guaranteed to never lose their data.
  • is a dead simple, easy to use one-click bookmarking site.
  • Zootool: this creative and awesome web application places an emphasis on saving visual content, so it’s pretty much like if FFFFound, Tumblr and Delicious had a baby.

Also being shut down are Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Picks, MyBlogLog, and one of the original search engines, AltaVista.

The cuts were reported by AllThingsD, which said that a former Yahoo employee decided to post a deck slide outlining the closures onto the internet. (image below)