Data Mining Education: The Key Things To Know About

Learning analytics was recently identified as one of the top upcoming trends in education. From apps that use learning algorithms to continually challenge users to directing college students to the majors and classes best suited to them, personalized learning in education is huge. Data-driven experiments are happening in colleges all around the nation in an attempt to deliver a more personalized education to students.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how data mining education, learning analytics, and research are changing the college experience.

Personalizing Education Using Data

  • Colleges can create custom course recommendations based on a student’s previous GPA
  • Learning analytics can predict how well (or poorly!) students might do in a particular class
  • Proponents like that this type of data mining will direct students towards majors and careers best suited to their abilities
  • Naysayers give a thumbs down for potentially driving students away from taking a bigger variety of courses
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Infographic information provided by: OnlineDegrees