Computer Science Education Week Is Coming!

What is your school doing for Computer Science Education Week?

The first CSEdWeek was held in 2010, after Congress deemed the week of December 9-15, 2012 as Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) to recognize the critical role of computing in today’s society and the imperative to bolster computer science education at all levels. The CSEdWeek website notes that even as the role and significance of computing has grown, the teaching of computer science has dramatically declined. The ubiquitous nature of technology in our society demands that our students think critically, understand computational thinking, have strong problem solving abilities, and can use the technology available to them, while adapting to new technologies as they are developed.

With insufficient funding for teaching computer science (especially at the lower grade levels), and a lack of innovative curricula, we’re really failing to prepare our students for a huge part of what will become their professional lives. CSEdWeek aims to make strides in the right direction on all of these counts.

What Is Computer Science Education Week?

In a nutshell, CSEdWeek has one major goal:

I pledge to raise awareness of the role computing plays in all our lives and to promote computer science education for all students.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different ways in which to accomplish this goal, the least of which is getting the word out to people that CSEdWeek is actually a thing. So how can you get involved? Read on for a couple of ideas!

Take The Pledge

CSEdWeek has created a pledge that you can electronically sign, in which you pledge to raise awareness of the role of computing and to promote computer science education. Taking the pledge is easy and doesn’t cost a thing, so get on that! Encourage your colleagues and students to sign it too. As of today, 982 people have signed the pledge – If all of Edudemic’s readers signed it, that number wouldn’t even fit in the allotted space on their counter!

Plan An Event

The folks at CSEdWeek have put together a great list of resources for putting on an event at your school during the week of December 9th-15th. They’ve included templates, online banner ads, talking points, and outreach ideas (among other things) to help you get an event off the ground. So put their hard work to work in your own school!

Go To An Event

Location may be an issue for some, but there are a number of pre-planned events associated with CSEdWeek. Some universities are offering classes, talks, and workshops for high school students, others are offering app-creation workshops, and others offer networking events. So take a look at the event calendar and see what is available in your area!


Bring Computer Science Into Your Classroom

Computer Science Education isn’t just about computer literacy, and you don’t have to specifically be teaching a class in ‘computer science’ to integrate a lot of the concepts into your lessons. The CSEdWeek website offers a variety of ideas for educators to get you started.  They also offer resources for students, parents, and community members, so you can point everyone in the right direction.