5 Steps That Will Boost Your Creativity

Human beings are creative by nature, right? Perhaps some more than others, but at a basic level, all of us are creative beings. That having been said creativity doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and according to a study done in 2012 by Adobe, most of us don’t believe that we’re living up to our creative potential.

So how does one go about harnessing their inner creativity? It isn’t a process that can really be forced. At the risk of using a too-cliché phrase, you just have to let the process flow. But when you don’t feel like the process is happening naturally, it can really be a struggle. And it will probably drive you a little nuts (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…).

The handy infographic below takes a look at ways you can be more creative, and some great techniques you can employ to get the juices flowing when your river of creative has run dry.

The 5 Steps To Creativity

  • 1. Gather the raw materials
  • 2. Digest
  • 3. Don’t think
  • 4. Wait for eureka
  • 5. Bring the idea to reality

Tools and Techniques To Try

Oblique Strategies

Cards with phrases are used to encourage lateral thinking

Lotus Blossom Technique

Like a mind map, it starts with a central idea and expands outward

Six Thinking Hats

There are six metaphorical thinking hats that one puts on to think about a concept in a certain way. They are:

  • White – Looks at the information and data
  • Red – Covers feelings, emotions, and intuition
  • Black – Exercises judgement and caution
  • Yellow – Finds reasons why something will work
  • Green – Alternatives, proposals, provocations, and changes
  • Blue -Process control

Mass Brainstorming

Write down 100 ideas

Reverse Brainstorming

Figure out some causes of the problem in order to find the solution

Limit Yourself

Set an arbitrary limit for yourself to see what you can do


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