We’re Giving Away The Awesomest and Geekiest Pillows Ever.

Have you ever walked into your classroom, home or apartment and thought ‘I wish there was some way to really show guests how obsessed with technology I am.’ (As if the tablets, laptops, phones, TVs and other gadgets didn’t give it away.)

Well, fear not! Etsy is to your rescue. There are a bunch of terrific new copyright-infringing pillows made by user Craftsquatch available on the site and I’m going to be purchasing a few.

I could see these fitting in great in any classroom or school lounge where students congregate. Although they’d likely be stolen due to their awesomeness. I may have to opt for the Google, Facebook and Twitter ones myself. That RSS pillow just looks a bit too, well, bright orange.

How To Win A Pillow

Which is your favorite pillow? Go to the Etsy shop and then share which pillow is your favorite on the Edudemic Facebook wall and I will pony up the dough to buy it for you! All you have to do is go to the Facebook wall and comment on the post about this article. Just write something clever like ‘I really like the soft Android pillow because I like soft…ware.’ Although, hopefully you can be funnier than me. One winner will be selected at random. Good luck!

Source: Etsy via Brit Morin