Could The Matrix, Back To The Future, Or Star Trek Actually Happen?

Sometimes, bringing popular culture into the classroom is enough to hook students into interesting and educational discussions that  can related to topics that they need to learn anyway. If you’re talking about science, physics, or alternative energies in your classroom, the handy infographic below takes a look at how power is created in a variety of powerful movies. Pretty cool, since movies can get pretty creative with how energy is created and harnessed. Keep reading to learn more about alternative energy sources in these popular films and get some great ideas for your classroom! Don’t forget to look closely, to see if any of these alternative energy sources are possible.

Movies and Their Alternative Power Sources

  • Superman: The Sun
  • Star Trek: Dilithum engines
  • Wall-e: Solar Panels
  • Back To The Future: Plutonium
  • Monsters, Inc.: Children’s screams
  • Up: Helium
  • Moon: Helium 3
  • Frankenstein: Lightening
  • Austin Powers: Mojo
  • The Matrix: Human Bodies


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