9 Next-Generation Kickstarter Projects You Should See

Crowdfunding is a pretty cool concept. It can be a great way for folks to gain the funds they need to bring a project to completion, start a small business, or collect funds for social campaigns or nonprofit groups. There are a ton of different crowdfunding sites out there now, including ones specifically geared towards education (more on that another day), but the most popular and widely known is probably Kickstarter. From funky electronics, software, apps, and games to straight out funding, there are a lot of things on these sites that can be useful in your classroom or for you and your students whether they are designed specifically for education or not. Periodically, I scroll through some of these sites to see what is interesting and new, and I’ve put together a short list of some fun and innovative projects that are interesting and might prove useful in or out of the classroom.


Circuit Stickers

Teach your students about circuitry using stickers. Definitely my favorite find of today.

Circuit Scribe

Create circuits instantly and easily with this awesome circuit pen.

Hummingbird Duo

A cool robotics kit for kids.

Code Monkey

Introduces students to coding concepts using a fun board game.


This handy little gripper can be attached to any of your hand held electronics to help you, well, hold on to it.

Scratch Jr

Another coding tool, Scratch Jr helps young kids (5-7)  learn to code their own interactive stories


Who likes a mess? These little holders keep all your cords on the table – so you can pretend to be that ultra organized teacher.

Code Hero

Noticing a theme here? There are a LOT of crowdfunded projects working towards helping kids learn to code.

Education Causes on Crowdrise

Crowdrise specializes in crowdfunding for causes – there are always a ton that are education focused. You can see the current list here.


Yep. Another coding for kids campaign. Coding is important – even if you couldn’t convince my mother of that.