What Is Connected Learning?

There are a ton of resources floating around out there about connected learning. Connected learning brings together all of the various experiences, interests, technology, academics, people and communities that learners are a part of in order to make all of these scenarios and experiences learning opportunities. Many teachers naturally do this to some degree in their classroom already, without perhaps the official ‘name’ attached.

The handy infographic below, from Mia MacMeekin, takes a deeper look into connected learning, and highlights what is so great about it! Look with a critical eye – do you already try to incorporate all or some of the elements? Do you value the same ideas in your teaching?

What Is Connected Learning?

Connected learning leverages a number of different things in order to create a larger reaching spread of learning opportunities.

  • Experiences
  • Interests
  • Technology
  • People
  • Communities
  • Academics

What Does Connected Learning Value?

  • Equity – Educational opportunity should be available to all, and when it is, it contributes positively to the greater good
  • Social Connection – Learning is most meaningful when it is a part of meaningful social connections (aka, real life experiences)
  • Full Participation – Learning environments thrive when all members are participating