6 Core Benefits of Competency Based Education

From flipped classrooms, to 1:1 programs, MOOCs and project based learning, there are a lot of educational trends to keep up on. Realistically, keeping up on more than a few of the things you read about can become a full-time job, and can start to feel overwhelming. So with the aim of helping to simplify things for quick and easy understanding, voila- the handy infographic below. Mia MacMeekin has put together a quick and easy guide to some of the benefits of competency based education (aka competency based learning). Think of it as a simple, handy guide to this great teaching and learning concept. Tomorrow, we’ll share Mia’s step by step guide to implementing competency based education in your own classrooms, but for now, keep reading to learn more. 

Benefits of Competency Based Education

  • Competency based education’s goal is to demonstrate a set of skills and knowledge in a select field through authentic assessments. It allows the student to learn what they need to learn in the way they learn best.
  • With competency based education, students must demonstrate proficiency in many areas in order to graduate the program with a degree, certificate, or distinction.
  • Some students may come to the program already able to demonstrate certain proficiencies, so students can easily enter the program at different points.
  • Each student learns at their own pace.
  • Each competency has rich content to choose from to meet the needs of each student.
  • Learning can be quite individualized while still teaching a larger group of students.