How To Use Comics In Science Class

Injecting a bit of fun into lessons is a tried and true tactic to get students interested in whatever it is you’re blathering on about from the front of the classroom. Sometimes, putting the material you’re teaching into a different format or showing a commonplace/real life application can really make a difference in a student’s understanding of the material.

I was pretty excited when I found these awesome science related comics whilst browsing the interwebs the other day. They’re penned by an artistic duo (Maki and Nadir) with the intent of communicating cool science topics in a way that almost anyone can understand. Bonus: making you laugh.

I’m posting a couple of favorites below, but browse through their site – we’ll bet you’ll find something interesting worth discussing in one of your classes (like lab-grown hamburgers, for example!).

How Does Air Pressure Work?

Like this, silly!



What Is The Pitch Drop?

You can learn a bit more about it here, along with links to the experiment’s website and a webcam, and a DIY pitch drop experiment.