How Do College Students Actually Use Cell Phones? [Infographic]

When you talk about education technology in higher education, you’re often referring to cell phones. Until now, it hasn’t been very easy to visualize exactly how college students actually use their phones. Thanks to a new infographic and report from HackCollege, we have a little more understanding about cell phone usage on campus.


Some key takeaways include: iOS and Android are neck-and-neck; most students want a newer phone (despite already having one); not everyone has a smartphone (nearly half don’t); about 88% of those surveyed text during class (sigh).

Do You Agree?

If you’re a college teacher or involved with students in higher education, how have you seen students use their phones? Do these statistics fall in line with your experience? I’m curious to see if this infographic is accurate. As someone who works in higher ed, I’m actually surprised about the popularity of Google+ and also that only 60% of students feel ‘addicted’ to technology? I’d expect that figure to be higher. I’d love your input! Share your thoughts on the Edudemic Facebook page and join the discussion.