11 Quick Tips For Creating A Great Classroom Website

If your classroom does not already have an active and vibrant website you are missing out on one of the biggest ways to reach your students and their parents.

Already have a site? Good, now, let’s talk about keeping it in shape. The quality of your site will determine if it is actually used and if the visitors return on a regular basis.

There are a few simple things your should keep in mind to keep your classroom website looking good.

classroom website

The Visual

  • Embrace white space, don’t overwhelm the user with too much content. Get rid of clutter.
  • Make sure your contact information is readily available, don’t always bury it at the bottom of the page.
  • Completely avoid any flashing/spinning logos or text.
  • Remove out of date images. (Christmas was a long time ago.)
  • Use color strategically. Consider going with a single neutral palette. If you have a logo on your site that can be your lead on choosing what colors to employ.
  • Limit your fonts, two is more than enough on a single page. Also, everything can’t be bold!
  • Now, you might disagree with this one, not too cutesy. Your website is for kids and adults.

The Content

  • Don’t go overboard on text. You are not writing a book! People scan websites, they don’t have time to read a novel.
  • Clean up your links on a regular basis. Dead links will tell your user that your site is not worthy of their time.
  • For pete’s sake, proofread! A teacher’s website cannot have spelling mistakes.
  • Do your best to bring new content to your homepage on a frequent basis. If nothing ever changes, why come back?

Dale Borgeson
3rd Grade Teacher – Temecula, CA
The Borgeson Bunch (my classroom website)