An Innovative Way To Share Lesson Plans With Your Entire PLN

Do you spend too much time planning lessons and searching for resources online? Do you have trouble organizing your lesson files? Would you like to be able to access your lessons from any computer, and share them with colleagues? may be the tool you need.

ClassConnect is a relatively new website for finding and sharing lesson resources. It supports multiple file types, including documents, website URLs, and videos. Users can either upload their own files or embed files from Google Docs or video sharing sites such as YouTube. Each account comes with 512 MB of storage, which includes files that you’ve linked to from other users.

Users can invite other users to join the site, and each referral earns an additional 500 MB of storage. I assume at some later stage there will be an option to buy additional storage as well.

ClassConnect is a great site for finding and sharing lesson resources. You can even find documents that contain an entire lesson plan.

What’s the advantage of sharing lessons that you’ve created? For one, ClassConnect encourages collaboration between teachers so you can create collections of resources together with colleagues who share your interests, no matter where they are in the world. Teachers can also easily share resources with teachers and parents by making resources public, neatly side stepping that eternal question, “What did I miss today?”

Also, shared resources become part of public storage, freeing up more space in your personal account, so the more you share the more resources you can collect.


  • Organize resources into folders
  • Access lessons from any computer, anywhere
  • Share lessons with others
  • Collaborate easily with other teachers
  • Utilize multiple types of resources – documents, websites, videos, and games

Best of all, content can be accessed from PCs, iPads, and Smartphones – however it’s most convenient for you. Create a free account today at to try it out.