Class Messenger App Connects Teachers, Students, And Parents


We have a quick update that we thought the loyal Edudemic readers might want to hear about. One of our favorite apps in recent memory is called WDWDT? (stands for What Did We Do Today?) and it’s designed to streamline the communication channels between parents, teachers, and students.

The name was pretty bad. It’s an acronym that I couldn’t remember even while writing an article about it during the launch. That’s a warning sign.

class messengerI thought the app was fabulous and it got a tremendously positive response from the education community. I like to think Edudemic helped at least a little there. In any case, the app was great but the name sucked.

Scholastic seems to agree. They love the app and also hate the name.

So Scholastic invested a cool million and helped Keith McSpurren, all around awesome guy and president of WDWDT, come up with a better name.

So the app is now called Class Messenger (much better, no?) and is going to be ‘powered by Scholastic’ which means they basically will promote it, get the word out, improve upon it, and basically make it better. That’s the theory at least. In any case, look for big things from the Class Messenger and Scholastic partnership as this streamlined and quite beautiful app is going places. Literally. It’s probably headed to your smartphone right after you click off this article. You can download it here if you’re game! 

All The Details You Probably Won’t Read

class messenger appEdtech startup WDWDT? nets $1MM investment from Scholastic, changes name to Class Messenger Toronto, Ontario September 3, 2013 Following a quiet market introduction in April of this year, the private messaging service WDWDT? (the acronym stands for “What Did We Do Today?”) which helps keep teachers, parents and students in sync is proud to announce it has received a $1MM investment from Scholastic Inc. The service is changing its name to Class Messenger and adding “powered by Scholastic” branding to its web and mobile properties.

In addition to the Scholastic investment, the two companies have agreed to work together to make Class Messenger available as a service to Scholastic teacher customers as they promote the intellectual and personal growth of children around the world.

Keith McSpurren, who previously cofounded technology companies CoveritLive (acquired by Demand Media) and Salesdriver (acquired by Carlson Marketing), believes the relationship with Scholastic will give Class Messenger a big advantage on a number of fronts. “The value of Scholastic’s more than 90 years of serving children, parents and teachers gives us access to a wealth of knowledge that can be put into the product very quickly. Additionally Scholastic will tell its teacher customers how they can find and use Class Messenger, thereby building the audience more quickly than we could do separately without significant marketing expense.”

Dick Robinson, President and CEO of Scholastic, considers the investment and business relationship a good fit with Scholastic’s mission. “Class Messenger will strengthen the communication links among teachers, parents and their children. I was impressed with the current product capability and believe that the plan going forward will offer a useful service for our customers.”

About Class Messenger

Class Messenger is a private messaging service specifically to keep Teachers, Parents and Students in sync. It’s the best of things you use today (Twitter, email, text, Instagram, blogs) simplified into a service that takes 10 seconds to use. Teachers use our mobile app and website to create quick short form messages in categories like Homework, Reminders, Surveys, Meeting Requests and more. Parents and Students get their messages from the app, website, email, push notification or even text message if they prefer. It’s private, two-way, direct and ensures that everyone stays informed. The company is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.