Chromecast: A Cheap And Easy Way To Share Android And iOS Screens

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If you’re a fan of AppleTV’s AirPlay feature, like us here on Edudemic, then you probably already love watching various kinds of multimedia on your television and laptops and other monitors. Never want to miss an opportunity, Google has just rolled out a new dongle that is perfect for anybody who uses android devices in the classroom. It’s called Chromecast and for $35 it lets you watch online video and music right on your television or any other monitor with HDMI input.

Chromecast In The Classroom

chromecast googleI could see one of the most useful features here being the Apple AirPlay-style streaming and screen sharing now available for Android devices. This will be great for teachers and students who use Android devices in the classroom and need to share what they are looking out on the screen on the big screen. All you have to do is take the $35 dongle, plug it into any HDMI input on your monitor or television, and then make sure both your Android / iOS device are on the same wi-fi network as Chromecast.

The Problem With Chromecast

Unfortunately, the reliance on wi-fi may be a pretty big problem for Chromecast, to be honest. For many teachers, reliable wi-fi is simply not available. That would make this new tool a bit less useful than we’d like. In any case, it’s simple and cheap enough if you do have wi-fi. After that, there will be a little button that you can press and your screen will be automatically shared.

A quick note, you’ll have to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to really get the most out of Comcast. It’ll be interesting to see how this dongle does considering this is Google’s third attempt to make inroads into the living room. The device itself (which is mostly software, to be honest) seems quite easy to use and you should check out the official website here for even more information.

Worth Trying

This is certainly not a game changing device or anything like that. However, it does make a teacher’s life much easier. Especially if they’re looking to share multiple screens from both Android and iOS devices. Let us know if you try out Chromecast and how it works in your classroom. I would be quite interested to hear about how it works compared to Apple TV. Especially considering the price is about one third the cost of Apple TV!

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  1. Techclass

    July 27, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    The article is very misleading. Chromecast doesn’t let you share what your doing on your Android or iOS screen at all, it only shares the pages you have open in Chrome (and YouTube and Netflix movies)

    Everything else, like all other apps, is not shared. This is different from Apple’s AirPlay which mirrors everything.