Children Using iPads: A Parent’s Guide

The following is a guest post from Mike, our newest guest author. The opinions do not reflect those of the editors of Edudemic. 

The iPad has recently become one of the most commonly used devices in the world. People of all ages love using the iPad to play games, browse the internet, watch movies and so much more. The iPad has been a hit especially with children; it has millions of applications which attract people of different interests. It is preferred over other playing items because a kid can spend hours on it without bothering his/her parent.

The device is very expensive, so one must be careful using it. You should set some rules for your children which they must follow while using the iPad. It will help you both to avoid trouble. Some of the basic rules are as follow.

Clean hands only

First and foremost, the rule of washing your hands before using should be set as a high priority. As the device is operated by touch, fingers must have no dust or other unwanted particles on it. This will help keep the screen’s smoothness and the touch sensitivity good. It will also help in keeping scratches as low as possible.

Avoid Eatables

Another standard rule which must be set in all cases, no eatable or drinkable items should be near while operating the iPad. It usually happens that you put snacks by your side while watching a movie or playing a game. While watching or playing, your attention is diverted towards it and it is a high probability that you will spill something on the floor and in this case the device. There is no warranty for spills or burns.

Other Safety tips

Other safety tips include creating a safe environment. A safe environment means that the floor should be carpeted or the child should be allowed to use the device in an area where the device cannot be damaged by falling. Children usually drop their things and then pick them up and move on without a care in the world. The trouble starts when the thing stops working. Make sure that your child stays in the area while operating the device. If you have more than one kid using the device, make sure they use it turn by turn rather than fighting over it. It might cause damage to the device; either by falling or by pressing hard on the screen the region might get damaged.

iTunes app store Rules

No matter what happens, try to keep your children away from the App Store. The App store contains millions of applications, most of which cost a dollar or two. Sometimes accidents happen and kids end up in places where you cannot imagine them getting into. It has happened several times that kids end up buying applications from the app store, about which parents are totally unaware. Later, when the bill comes up they have their heads in their hands. Once a kid discovers the app store he/she is bound to go there again and again looking for new apps, not knowing what it is costing. Just to make sure things like these never happen, you should never save you password on the iPad. If it happens that you save your password, tell your kid(s) that there will be consequences if the store is accessed.

Mike has 2 kids, who loves to play with the iPad and the new Leappad Explorer. When is not writing tips online, Mike sells toys online

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  1. VCUMASC101

    December 4, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Mike offers some really good advice about responsible use of iPads by children to keep them safe. As part of a Mass Communications class at Virginia Commonwealth University, we’ve compiled a list of iPad and iPod apps that are fun and educational and specifically aimed for children. We’ve compiled a listing of them at One thing we learned in doing this project is that education and fun is important, so we tried to list apps that will keep children captivated while still expanding their minds and reinforcing concepts from Math, Science, Language Arts, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Social Skills.