California School First To Use iPads In Classroom

We’ve been talking about the numerous schools purchasing iPads for students, faculty, and staff as they all race to get onto the iPad bandwagon, but a California school is now one of the first to replace books with the must-have device. Monte Vista Christian School in Santa Cruz is loaning 60 iPads to students in advanced placement classes on a trial basis. The trial seems to be going quite well however, as Headmaster Stephen Sharp says the iPads will likely replace textbooks in the near future.

Robinson Kuntz/MCT

The iPads were rolled out on Thursday and students have embraced the technology so far. “It’s a little easier to use,” said sophomore Alyssa Villanueva, 15, comparing the iPad to a textbook. “You can really focus on where you’re studying.” The teachers seem to be warming up to the idea as well: “I’m really new to it but I’m super-excited to use the iPad,” history teacher Greg Davis told his sophomore advanced placement students.

According to the article, the iPads are for classroom use only so students must e-mail their notes to themselves in order to save them. This is obviously not ideal but just a mere bump in the road as it is likely the biggest problem students are facing with the new technology.

The tablets retail for $499 each, but Apple provided a $50 school discount, he said. Electronic textbooks, which are increasingly available, cost about a third of print versions.