California Bill Would Let Schools Consider Race, Other Demographics In Admission

In a controversial move, a California bill would allow the state’s universities to consider race in admission.

The Associated Press has more:

The California Assembly has approved a bill that would allow the state’s public universities to consider race, gender and other demographic characteristics when they admit students.The bill, AB2047, passed on a 44-24 vote Thursday and now moves to the Senate. It would apply to the University of California and California State University systems.

Democratic Assemblyman Ed Hernandez, who introduced the bill, says the legislation is needed to address the education gap in California. Currently, the state’s black and Latino students trail whites and Asians in college attainment.

But opponents say the measure violates Proposition 209, a voter initiative that banned public institutions from considering race or gender in admissions or employment. They also say such ethnic classifications are outdated.

The bill would also give schools the right to weigh gender and demographics in the admissions process. The bill has passed state assembly and now goes to the senate.