BU Student Resurrects Controversial FaceMash, The Original Facebook, To Rate Female Students

Following in Mark Zuckerberg’s exact footsteps, a Boston University student just launched a FaceMash-style website after being inspired the film ‘The Social Network.’ In case you didn’t know, FaceMash is the precursor to TheFacebook and Facebook. It was essentially a way to rate the appearance of classmates (Hot or Not just for your school). A totally viral hit, FaceMash obviously went on to bigger and better things.

At Boston University however, RateBU.com has no plans to turn into the social network behemoth that is Facebook. That’s according to Justin Doody, the founder and creator of the site. He is blatantly ripping off FaceMash and getting plenty of criticism (and praise) in the process.

How It Works

After logging in (BU students only), you’re presented with two pictures of women. That’s right, women. There’s apparently plans to add men in the future but for now, just women. You then vote for the woman you think is hotter. There’s a Top Five area that shows the hottest women and that changes based on how many votes you get. Pretty straightforward.

BostInnovation has a terrific Question & Answer with Doody here and I encourage you to check it out. He speaks about how his parents feel about the website and its future plans.

BU’s independent online magazine, BUQuad.com, also has a great story about how Doody launched the site. By very appropriately using Facebook of course. Check out the screenshot obtained by BUQuad.com below to see the initial reaction from his friends. They instantly knew it would be controversial.

Expansion Plans

There’s a brief mention on the website that the site may expand to other schools in a very Facebook-esque manner. You can sign up with your school e-mail address to let them know you’re interested.

Will the site be shut down by Facebook, BU, or Anonymous? Only time will tell.

While extremely superficial and ridiculous, it’s an interesting story and quite the homage to Zuckerberg. What do you think? Is the site harmless? Should it be shut down? Weigh in down in the comments!