BRB IN CAR CRASH LOL: Driving While Texting Rate Soars Despite Ban

If you’re reading this on your phone while driving…please put the phone down. The Auto Club of Southern California says surveys by the organization indicate that a California law banning texting while driving is not having the intended results.

According to the surveys, texting while driving declined after the ban went into effect in January 2009. But more recently, it’s gone up, according to the survey of Orange County drivers.

Before the ban, the Auto Club found, 1.4% of motorists surveyed were texting at any given time.

A few months after the ban took effect, that figure dropped to 0.5%, but the survey in late March and early April found it increased to 1.1%.

According to the auto club, the methodology of the surveys was as follows: “They were conducted using systematic random samples of about 4,000 vehicles that were passing by seven roadside sites in Orange County. Surveys were conducted during six time periods: June 2008, prior to the cell phone law first taking effect; July, August and October 2008; May and July 2009; and March-April 2010. Observational surveys were conducted in morning, early afternoon, evening commutes and on freeway entrances and exits, and urban, suburban and small city roadways.”

Portions from the LA Times

Photo credit: Wired Magazine