Blogging Is So 2007. The New Way People Communicate Explained. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is constantly changing and it’s not easy to keep up. Trends are just that, trends. The method users choose to interact online is constantly in flux.

While we’ve always known this, Flowtown put together a helpful infographic to explain just how big a shift there has been in terms of the method that people are communicating online.

Key takeaways from this infographic:

  • Each year, more people are engaging in social conversation via digital social platforms at an increasing rate of 30%.
  • People have migrated from blogging and content creation to simply “chatting”
  • Social media has gotten much faster. It’s quicker to tweet or micro-blog somewhere than to create a new blog post.
  • Brands (such as schools and other organizations) have to work harder to monitor trends as they keep changing.

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