10 Blended Learning Trends

Blended learning can tick a lot of boxes for a lot of different teachers who teach in potentially quite different scenarios. From 1:1 classrooms and schools with plenty of iPads to BYOD classes filled with different types (and amounts) of technology, blended learning can help nearly every teacher make learning more personalized and more interesting for their students.  Implementing a blended learning program in your classroom can be a great way to put the technology tools you have – whatever they may be – to use. The handy infographic below takes a look at 10 blended learning trends that are showing up in today’s classrooms. Keep reading to learn more!

10 Blended Learning Trends

  1. The student-centered learning experience – focus on the students rather than on the teacher offers a more inquiry driven and experiential learning experience
  2. Soaring numbers of digital learners – the number of students participating in classroom-only education is shrinking (albeit slowly) while the number of students participating in some type of online learning is steadily growing (despite making up a much smaller percentage of students)
  3. Building higher order thinking skills – students are required to look at information more critically rather than just trying to memorize what is presented to them in class
  4. Realizing benefits for both teachers and students – this approach benefits not only the students, but teachers too!
  5. A framework for data-driven decision making in education – a blended approach offers more data and information for teachers, administrators, and parents to make more informed decisions
  6. A personalized learning approach – by a lean, blended and interactive approach
  7. Productive gamification – bringing students to deeper learning
  8. The mobile world is where learners live now – more so for personal than school use
  9. Students have personal access to mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital reading devices trump desktops
  10. The need for more broadband – 72% of schools in the US lack the broadband access they need to support digital learning

10 blended learning trends


  1. Miranda P

    May 22, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    This article is very interesting and provides a wonderful insight into why blended learning is ideal in education today. As a college student seeking a B.S degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Educational Technology, I was pleased to discover that all ten of these trends were very familiar to me. Unfortunately, there are still educators that stray away from blended learning. This is most likely due to their own lack of understanding of technology, and therefore, they are personally unsure of the benefits. There is the saying, “It worked for us, it’ll work for them”. Unfortunately these educators do not realize that we live in a digital world. These new digital natives have different needs when it comes to education. They seek much different things than the students in our school systems even 5 years ago. As educators we must first educate ourselves so we can be prepared to meet the needs of these digital natives. This article is a fantastic quick resource for teachers. I am very pleased in knowing that I have personally seen these trends in my area schools. Thank you for sharing this article.

    Miranda P

  2. Jenny W.

    May 28, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    I found this article very interesting to read. As a teacher and student in a Masters Degree Program I have learned that, even today, in our tech savvy world, many classrooms do not have more than desktop computers. Our students are more familiar with different types of technology than most teachers. We need to use this to our advantage. Using technology in our lessons helps our students to use the technology they are familiar with and like to use to interact with the lesson. This article covers all of the reasons to use technology in the classroom very thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.
    Jenny W.

  3. Christine N

    May 31, 2014 at 1:39 am

    Great article and it reinforces what my role as a eLearning Officer is all about. Our Institute strives to provide blended learning to our learners to reap the benefits that are mentioned in this article. Before teachers can embrace blended learning they need to feel comfortable with the technology, so it is really important that they take the leap and embrace personal development and start using technology in their teaching. Start small and build on your skills. There is always help out there for those who are ready to take the plunge.

  4. koret

    June 8, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    what is the age or level for the grade number, im french so i will understand the use of devices for each provided or self thank.